August 2013 e-newsletter

Early Reporting on the Omega Dog 3rd annual Animal Adoption Fair

Jayce Birch at WPLG, local channel 10 in Miami visited the Animal Adoption Fair <>  last Sunday.  The TV station posted pictures of the event –
< >.  At least 7,000 people attended our event.  We are getting some early reports from participants:

“I had a lot of fun at the animal adoption and it amazed me how many animal organizations are out there to help animals; lots of love for our four-legged friends!”  — Lori

We adopted 7 dogs yesterday plus 5 meet and greets are set up for dogs that were not at the event!  GREAT DAY…GREAT EVENT!!!  – 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

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Another Success Story

Robin White posted on our Facebook page <>:

“I am so happy today. My lawyer Marcy LaHart, esq. has told me that my condo board here in Pompano Beach has finally decided to grant me an accommodation for my therapy dog Tyson. It has been a fight for over a year. Anybody having problems such as these, contact Marcy at (352) 224-5699. She specializes in animal law. You can also write her at 4804 SW 45th St., Gainesville, FL 32608.

“To celebrate my victory, I want to invite anyone who wants a pet portrait during the month of September  to message me and I will donate 100% of the proceeds to Citizens for Pets in Condos Inc. So, you will not only be getting a beautiful painting of your best friend, but also be helping a good cause at the same time.”

Help us continue to help people like Robin.  View her web page <>  and  contact her at or (954) 817-9471 to arrange a professional portrait of your pet(s).

We report success stories here – <>

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We Get Letters

In response to our article about Peter, who became homeless because of dirty dealing  by a condo board, BSO Deputy Angelo Portoro, on our advisory board <>  responded:

“That is just really rotten that some good soul has become homeless because of his love and loyalty for his partner/family pet.”

A month has gone by and Peter is still homeless, but has a line on a new place to live where he can keep his dog.   If you did not see the story last month:  Citizens for Pets in Condos helped Peter file a fair housing complaint with Broward County Human Rights Division because he was denied a reasonable accommodation to have his assistance animal.  In response, the association board pushed the unit owners to lie and say they needed the apartment for a relative and then they advertised an apartment for rent.

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Stuff We Like

New article on our health benefits page <>:

Dogs Are Natural Stimuli That Help Normalize Brain Chemistry.  (ADHD, PTSD, depression) –
New entry on our news page <>:

Broward sues condo over alleged discrimination against woman, 90, and her service dog – <> [NOTE: This is what HUD pays local Fair Housing Assistance Partner agencies like Broward County Human Rights Section to do.  Too bad they could not act fast enough in Peter’s case – see above.]  Read more about FHAPs here –  <>

Clint Cora’s YouTube video on why you shouldn’t leave your dog in a car in the summertime – <>

Read about and donate to help rescued abused bait/breeding dog used in a dog fighting ring –  <>

Please email Roz at if you would like to be a part of the Volunteer/Caregiver Network for TNR in Broward County, FL.


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