August 2013 e-newsletter

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In response to our article about Peter, who became homeless because of dirty dealing by a condo board, BSO Deputry Angelo Portoro, on our advisory board responded:

“That is just really rotten that some good soul has become homeless because of his love and loyalty for his partner/family pet.”

Peter has just found a place to live. If he has any issues at the new place, our legal advisors will follow up to help out. (At his last place, in an effort to get around a fair housing complaint that he was denied a reasonable accommodation to have his assistance animal, the board pushed the unit owners to lie and say they needed the apartment for a relative and then they advertised an apartment for rent.)
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Stuff We Like

New article on our health benefits page :

Dogs Are Natural Stimuli That Help Normalize Brain Chemistry. (ADHD, PTSD, depression) –
New entry on our news page :

Broward sues condo over alleged discrimination against woman, 90, and her service dog – [NOTE: This is what HUD pays local Fair Housing Assistance Partner agencies like Broward County Human Rights Section to do. Too bad they could not act fast enough in Peter’s case – see above.] Read more about FHAPs here  –


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