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May 2013 e-newsletter

May 20, 2013

Subject:  What we’re dealing with


Here are some recent letters we received:

“…What’s with the ‘pet parent’ terminology? Have you fallen for the pet industry propaganda? Pets are property, not children. Pets are just animals kept captive for people’s amusement. Pets are not your sons and daughters.”

[“With-it” animal lovers totally relate to our companion animals being family, and since we take care of them, we relate to them as our children.  Nathan Winograd of No Kill Advocacy Center* frequently talks about animals going from the barn to the backyard, to the bedroom.  These people who write in with all their negativity clearly are in the camp of outdated thought that animals belong outside or in a barn.]

“What an asinine way to keep animals: cooped up indoors most of the day. No wonder these beasts go stir crazy.”

[Citizens FOR Pets in Condos only advocates for responsible pet ownership.  Dogs need to get out and exercise.  There may be a little truth to what this person is saying because irresponsible pet ownership can exacerbate behavior problems like dog barking.   But , “beasts”?]

“…(the) letter, “Don’t ban pets,” is from the type of person who doesn’t think the rules are made for them. Didn’t that condo owner read the rules before she moved in?”

[One of the reasons people fail to follow rules is that no-pet deed restrictions are so out of date, at least for younger people.  In the general population, 63% of households have at least one companion animal.  There are very reduced options for people of moderate means to find a place to retire (or even downsize from a larger home due to the economy) where they can bring their whole family, including their animal companions.

NOTE:  Fair housing law says that people who need emotional support animals can make a request for a reasonable accommodation  before they move in, while they are living in a community, or file a discrimination complaint for failure to receive a reasonable accommodation after they have move out.]


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Pets a Boon for the Human Heart, Cardiologists Say

Second Circuit swears in therapy dogs, The K9s are used to comfort children in court

Mayor Hopeful’s Pet Project (New York City)

New book by Victoria Stillwell of Animal Planet – Train Your Dog Positively: Understand Your Dog and Solve Common Behavior Problems, Including Separation Anxiety, Excessive Barking , Aggression, Housetraining, Leash Pulling and More!

Curb your dog or pay the price
[Citizens FOR Pets in Condos agrees that responsible dog owners always pick up after their animals. Time for the subliminal message from  “Doggie pooper Scoopers.  use them, always.  everywhere you go.  Good human.”]

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April 2013 e-newsletter

May 1, 2013

Bomb Dog K-9 Deputy Added to Advisory Board

Citizens FOR Pets in Condos has expanded its board of professional advisors. We are happy to welcome Deputy Angelo Portoro (and his bomb-sniffing dog Dano) to our advisory board. Read more about him at Learn who our other board members are on our about page at

Deputy Portoro says, “Most dogs are a reflection of their owners. If you have an irresponsible owner, it goes right down the leash.”

Read about Jada, the Pit Bull Who is an Ambassador for Her Breed

Citizens FOR Pets in Condos does not agree with size or breed limits. Dogs should be evaluated individually for temperament and training. The story of Jada is a case in point.  Read it at

Let us make perfectly clear that agreeing that pit bulls can be family pets does NOT mean that we agree with dog fighting. We are very much against abuse of animals.

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