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March e-newsletter

April 3, 2013

Dear Citizens for Pets in Condos,
We bring you news and action-items related to our mission to increase acceptance of companion animals in condos and other types of association-run housing.


Please Tell FL Legislators You Support HB1073, with modifications

We LIKE HB1073 ( sponsored by Ricardo Rangel (D, Osceola) otherwise named the “Dawson and David Caras Act” which provides rights for individuals accompanied by service animals. However we request adding these changes:

1) Add “Medical documentation which reasonably corroborates the need for an assistance animal is all that shall be required to obtain approval for the assistance animal, and no intrusive search of psychological records is authorized under this Act.”

2) Modify the section on removing animals (first sentence of section 2 e) to allow the animal owner /guardian a chance to correct the nuisance behavior.)*

3) Add “Assistance animals are allowed to stay with the surviving spouse /family if the person who needed the assistance animal dies. An animal is a living being, not a piece of equipment like a cane or walker.”

Also, if Emotional Support Animals get included in the bill, we want the following information added, as well, regarding this type of assistance animal:

1. Specialized task training of ESAs is unnecessary – “emotional support animals do not need training to ameliorate the effects of a person’s mental and emotional disabilities. Emotional support animals by their very nature, and without training, may relieve depression and anxiety, and/or help reduce stress-induced pain in persons with
certain medical conditions affected by stress.”

2. Documentation of the need for an ESA may come from “physician, psychiatrist, social worker, or other mental health professional.” In Florida, “other mental health professionals” refers to the following health care professionals duly
licensed by the Florida Department of Health:
• licensed mental health counselors
• licensed clinical psychologists
• licensed clinical social workers\
• licensed marriage and family therapists.
3. There is no need for formal CERTIFICATION of the disability.
– – –
See a summary statement of the bill here:


Click here:   for the full original text of the bill.

*Eg, change the first sentence of HB1073, 2e to say: “A public accommodation may exclude or remove any animal from the premises, including an assistance animal, if a) the owner / guardian or handler of the animal fails to keep said animal under control or b) fails to resolve nuisance issues such as growling or excessive barking or c) the animal bites or otherwise poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others.”


Other Bills We LIKE

1) S.B. 1320 and companion bill H.B. 1121. This bill would save countless cats’ lives by encouraging communities to implement Trap-Neuter-Return programs. They would also clarify that Trap-Neuter-Return is not abandonment, ensuring that caregivers returning cats after neutering are safe from being charged.

Click here:  to sign a petition from Alley Cat Allies in favor of this bill.

2) Senate Bill 1614 (and its companion, House Bill 1257) would restrict the sale or giving away of dogs and cats in unregulated public places such as parking lots, alleys and highways. It would also require sellers, including pet stores and online vendors, to disclose the health and origins of the puppies and kittens they sell. This bill is designed to protect purchasers who may unknowingly buy an animal that is unhealthy, or from a puppy mill or backyard breeder who doesn’t provide safe and humane conditions for the animals bred and sold.


Citizens FOR Pets in Condos is a non-profit public advocacy and educational organization dedicated to increasing acceptance of companion animals in condos and other types of association-run housing. We educate the public about the health benefits of having animal companions and also advocate for responsible pet ownership/guardianship. Our motto: “creating a win-win situation for both people & pets.”

We provide resources for a pet-friendly America/Florida


Maida W. Genser
Citizens for Pets in Condos, Inc

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January /February 2013 e-newsletter

April 3, 2013
e-Newsletter from Citizens for Pets in CondosDear Citizens for     Pets in Condos,

We bring you news and     action-items related to our mission to increase acceptance of companion     animals in condos and other types of association-run housing.

Tijuana Flats Just     in Queso Benefits Us on 2/20

Have dinner at Tijuana     Flats, 7942 W Commercial Blvd, Lauderhill, FL  any time     between 5 and- 9 PM, on Wednedsay 2/20 and 10 % of what you spend at     the restaurant will be donated to our cause. Bring your dogs and     eat at an outside table. See the menu.

Citizens for Pets in     Condos Speakers BureauOn 2/5/2013 Maida Genser     (President of Citizens for Pets in Condos) and Edel Miedes (of K9 Advisors,     dog trainer and member of the Citizens for Pets in Condos advisory board)     spoke at Pointe Overlook Condos in Lantana, FL.  The presentation     focused on the steps to create a pets accepted community.  Need a     speaker related to the topic of pets in condos?  Contact us at
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