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The Next Big Thing

November 5, 2012
a returning war veteran reunites with his dog

A war veteran has a happy reunion with his dog

For a while now I have been collecting information on war veterans and organizations that help them reunite with and keep pets.  Our organization has been involved on the side of this effort by helping when veterans are challenged with no-pet rules where they live.  I am adding a section to our web page on this topic in time for Veterans Day. 

So Here’s My Next Big Thing

What is the Working Title of your Project?

It’s Information on Pets and

Where did the idea come from for the website?

It came from helping veterans be able to keep their companion animals in “no-pet” condos..  I got the idea of making this project our next big thing from Carol at     

Our organization provides information and referrals to a lot of people to help them be able to keep their beloved animals.  This is a new topic to be included on our rather extensive web page, Citizens for Pets in Condos,, and in our next e-newsletter.

What genre does your site fall under?

Our organization, Citizens for Pets in Condos, has a web page, plus a group and  community on Facebook, a cause on Causes, and a presence on Twitter.  We send out a e-newsletter via Constant Contact and post a link to the e-newsletter with a short table of contents on WordPress at

If it becomes a book and then a movie, what actors would you choose to play your characters?

I would love to have Mary Tyler Moore be the main character, but there are so many celebrities who have pets and a lot who support pet causes.  Another person I would like to include is Gloria Estafan because she lives in south Florida where we run our organization and she has written several children’s books about bull dogs.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your website

Citizens for Pets in Condos is a public advocacy group and educational organization which is striving to gain acceptance of companion animals in housing that has no-pet deed restrictions.

If it becomes a book will it be self published or handled by an agency?

Definitely self published.

How long will you be working on it?

Probably forever. Our web page platform is constantly evolving, and people keep creating new themes and plugins for it. We will keep on going until pets are allowed everywhere.  Allow the pets; disallow nuisance pet behavior.

What other sites would you compare it to?

The old site for Doris Day Animal League had some useful information related to our topic, but that organization has been taken over by the Humane Society of the United States and they have downplayed the content that relates to our efforts.

Who or what inspired you to start this website?

Hundreds of thousands of perfectly adoptable cats and dogs get euthanized each year just in south Florida, while probably at least as many people would love to adopt them, but htye are prevented from doing so because of no-pet deed restrictions.

What else about the site might pique the reader’s interest?

People mainly find our site to learn how to apply to get an emotional support animal or how to convert thier housing complex to allow pets.

Passing the Torch

Look for a Next Big Thing coming soon from Yvonne DiVita who does the Scratchings and Sniffings blog at

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