We CAN Win IF You Take Action. Do it now!

If you live in Florida, full or part time,  please contact your  Florida state legislators and ask them to sponsor a Simple Majority bill to require only 51% of unit owners to vote to allow pets: 

Amendments to Pet Rules

(1) 63% of US households have at least one companion animal.  In order to bring Florida in sync with the rest of the country and maintain its desirability as a place to re-home, amendments to association documents need to be made more obtainable. 

(2) Removing no-pet deed restriction to allow companion animals shall require only a simple majority vote of owners, as long as reasonable guidelines are implemented with the change. 

(3) Companion animals are defined to be cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, gerbils, or any other commonly accepted domesticated animals.  The number of animals allowed per unit must correspond to applicable city/county codes.

(4) Reasonable guidelines for companion animals include: 

–         leash laws/reasonable restraint in common areas,

–         requirements to properly dispose of animal waste,

–         no animals with vicious or aggressive disposition*,

–         animals must be spayed/neutered,

–         pet application form should be completed and signed, including a photo of the pet,

–         a committee of animal owners/guardians to administer guidelines,

–         allow animal control and health department to investigate, as needed

*rather than size or breed restriction, ask for certification of individual animals by veterinarians


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