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News from Citizens FOR Pets in Condos – Take Action

April 10, 2010
4/30, 7:10 PM  – Come to Bark at the Park
 Here is a fun way you can take action to spread the word about our campaign to increase acceptance of pets. 

Go to
and sign up to go to the Marlins game on 4/30. 

Bark at the Park is on 4/30/2010 at 7:10 PM at Sun Life Stadium, 2269 Dan Marino Boulevard, Miami Gardens, FL 33056. 

If you have a dog, you can bring your dog.  An extra bonus – if you buy a dog ticket you are helping the Humane Society of Broward County. 

If you don’t have a dog, you can bring an invisible dog leash – a stiff leash that ends in an empty dog harness.  (I ordered mine online for about $10 from a costume and gag shop.)  

Come to the game wearing your Citizens for Pets in Condos t-shirt.  Don’t have one?  Order one at  Choose from a large variety of choices of shirt designs and colors.

  Let us know if you are joining us there via e-mail to

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Add a Note When You Take Action
The ASPCA is asking Florida animal activists to take action:  urge your elected officials to support SB 2372 and HB 1221 and move them quickly through the legislative process. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center today to email your state senator and representative.  These bills would allow counties to raise the surcharge (from $5 to $15) they impose on those who violate local animal control ordinances. This additional money will be used by counties to finance their spay/neuter efforts. 

Whether you participate in this particular action or not, whenever you take action, please personalize your message in the box provided with this :

“Next year please support the bill to require only a simple majority to change association documents to allow pets (see  Hundreds of thousands of homeless animals’ lives could be saved if people who want to adopt them were not restricted from having pets.”

formatted version –