Citizens for Pets in Condos update

My latest article now appears in Natural News: New HUD Rules Make It Easier to Have Emotional Support Animals,

Gary Poliakoff has recently retracted his previous statements that the new HUD rules would make it easier for people to have pets. In Evading no-pet restriction tougher, Palm Beach Post, 04/07/2009, he claims that it is getting easier, rather than more difficult for associations to ban animals. He seems to be stretching the meaning of the north Florida case that he cites in this 4/7/09 column beyond the facts, for reasons I don’t understand. Perhaps it is in response to backlash from condo associations and condo maintenance firms because of his earlier statements.

According to our legal advisors, the case in north Florida was NOT a sign of the pendulum swinging back to tougher handling of pets in condos cases, but rather an indication that emotional support animals are not pets according to the law.*

I actually met, and shook hands, with Gary Poliakoff at the Broward County Fair Housing Month Celebration and Symposium this past Friday. He gave a presentation on the history of pets being allowed for disabled persons in no-pet housing and gave more details about the north Florida case. He agreed that the main reason for the case going against the unit owner was that he initially tried to get pets allowed and did not say he had an assistive animal. Mr. Poliakoff publicly stated that he himself is an animal person and has horses, a dog, cats, turtles, etc. The problem is that his firm represents the association boards. Attorney Mathew W. Dietz of Coral Gables (Miami area) also spoke at the conference, but he represents the unit owners.

*

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New article added to our benefits tab,

Research suggests owning a pet could make you healthier,

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Added to our news tab,

Refilling an Empty Nest, When — if ever — is it too late to get another pet
[This burning question might be the REAL reason behind no-pet deed restrictions in 55+ housing.]

Pet Airways of Delray Beach plans to take off with only dogs and cats aboard

[This is another sign of an increasingly pet-friendly environment in south Florida.]

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