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Citizens for Pets in Condos update 4/6/09

April 9, 2009

Did you miss the wonderful editorial by Ben Stein on CBS Sunday Morning? CBS has labeled it “The Divinity of Dogs.” Ben Stein gives advice to get through the recession and other hard times – “Get a dog!” See the video at This video is also now embedded in the quotes section of our benefits tab, (scroll down near the bottom).

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Contact your Senators and Representatives and urge that they ensure mental health concerns are addressed in any health care reform (

Where it says “personalize your message” add in that you want to see legislation that clarifies the right to have emotional support animals in association-run housing.


Just for fun – see the winning home videos on the Marley and Me web site:

Years ago I had a dog like Dante, the Italian Greyhound. What a love!

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Floridians – Keep Breed-Specific Legislation Out of Florida

Many states, counties and municipal governments are turning to legislation targeting specific breeds (i.e., breed-specific legislation) as an answer to dog attacks. With House Bill 189 and Senate Bill 372, which would lift the current ban on breed-specific legislation for local governments, Florida is considering such legislation.

While supporters of these types of provisions argue that the only way to reduce dog bites is to eradicate “dangerous breeds” from the community, there is little evidence that breed-specific legislation works.

It is not specific breeds that are dangerous, but specific situations that create dangerous dogs. All dogs can attack, regardless of their size or breed. Further, many cities have repealed their breed-specific legislation due to enforcement costs, which can be prohibitively high.

To be effective in preventing dog bites, laws must address dangerous behavior, not so-called dangerous breeds!

Florida has always recognized this — which is why there is currently a ban on breed-specific legislation for local governments in place. Don’t let the state slide backwards by allowing HB 189 and SB 372 to pass!

Learn more about HB 189 and SB372 and ask your representative to oppose them!